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I remember towards the end of last year when I first saw the trailer for this movie I was really excited to watch it even though at the time I had no idea what it was about. And I must say that the movie definitely lived up to my hopes and expectations. The story is about a hunter girl who travels to Edo to live with her older brother. Edo at the time is currently being tormented by Fuse, people who are human and dog hybrids, I don't want to give too much of the story away but it is basically about the connection between the hunters and the hunted. The movie was a good length, a hour and fifty minutes long. But I wished it was just a bit longer since I really loved the characters in this film and I would've liked to watch them a bit longer, especially since some of the emotions towards the end seemed a bit rushed. The animation was very nice the fight scenes were really fun to watch as well. This is one of those titles that I can't wait till they release the DVD or Blu-ray, it's just that good. I'm such a sucker for anime based off of folklore. Anyway, you can watch the movie with English subtitles on Hulu for free, although there are quite a bit of ads but thankfully they don't ruin the scenes that much.

Here's a quote from the beginning of the movie, when I first heard this it immediately reminded me of the red string of fate:
"They say that a hunter and her prey are connected by an invisible string. That moment when the string is pulled taut, a strange bond is born in their hearts, making them long to be connected."

DRRR Volume 4

So I just got this way earlier than I was expecting and I loved every page of it. <3 I've never read the novels before but I like how the anime and manga have a few scene differences, it's nice how they are not a perfect copy of each other.

It's too bad there were not too many Shizuo appearances though, but I loved every time Izaya showed up. He is just so crazy and fun to watch, in my opinion even more so in the manga than the anime.

I wish the time between putting out new volumes didn't seem so long I really want to read the Saika Arc volumes but that's pretty much half a year away. :(

Great final volume to the Dollars arc <3 <3 <3 <3 

Just Another Day~

Finally got my little brothers online school thing working, there was problem after problem for the longest time I was worried he wouldn't be able to work it out but it seems like it will be fine now.

On another note, I got the first omnibus of Cardcaptor Sakura in today. I've never read the manga before but I remember watching the anime of it when I was little so it feels nostalgic reading it now :).

My cat was using the box it came in as a pillow earlier >o< so cute! 

I'm going to have to start saving up some money soon so I can add more to my manga collection. Gah! Why are books so expensive?!  


Just got Borderlands 2 today! I haven't got too far into it yet, but so far it seems like it will be even better than the original :). I was playing co-op as Maya and I can tell already that I like her a lot more than Lilith, Maya's special move is way cooler or at least it is in my opinion. Tomorrow I am supposed to get Divinity 2, I don't really know much about it, but my little brother seems to think that I will enjoy playing it. 

I made chicken and rice for dinner tonight, it was really good XD 

I haven't been able to fall asleep very well lately, it's already so late and I still can't seem to fall asleep.....

Hmmm, I think I will watch some TV or anime and see if that helps. 



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